With Cloudfarm you get:

  • Budgets and cashflow forecasts.
  • Real-time and monthly bank reconciliations, P&L, balance sheets.
  • Livestock and feed on hand reports.
  • Staff payroll records and leave reconciliations.
  • Invoices and bank statements are all online and must be approved by you.
  • Cloudfarm will do your GST and provide detailed year-end accounts to your accountant.

All you have to do is tell us staff hours, livestock births and deaths and feed on hand. And we’ll work with you to do budgets, cashflows and capital expenditure plans. With Cloudfarm you’re in control with almost no paperwork, so you can make faster and better decisions.

Advisors can work more effectively with accurate plans and reporting on finances, input costs, returns and clear targets.

Supplier invoices are emailed directly to Cloudfarm for the farmer to approve and pass for prompt payment.

Timely, accurate and complete records that help you do GST and year-end accounting and tax returns more efficiently.

Reporting on current borrowing and new funding applications are easier with the accurate financial performance that Cloudfarm provides. Standardised account coding and real-time reporting help you see farm financial performance more clearly.

You can easily see how your farm investments are performing. Multiple or single farm investors can simply approve budgets, cashflows and capex.

Standardised GL account coding means it’s easy to benchmark farm performance vs plans. Cloudfarm makes life easier for you, and saves money.